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information on why you should choose Clarity Law

It's a very simple question - why choose Clarity Law over another law firm or just appearing in court yourself?  We passionately believe that we are the best choice for you if you have any criminal offence.   Some of the reasons you should contact us:


Experience – we have over 55 years' combined experience in criminal law matters

Customer service – we offer the best experience you will have from a law firm

Experts – we don’t do property law or commercial law we just undertake criminal case work in the courts

Communication – If you call us we will take your call unless we are in court in which case we will ring you back as soon as we are out of the court.  If you email us you can typically expect a response within the hour during business hour

Ease – We can do all communication with you by email and phone, no need to take time off to visit the lawyer’s office. We are experts and know what the courts want and need to hear in court

Negotiation – If appropriate we can negotiate with the prosecution unit to get you the best outcome

Price - We offer fair and reasonable rate, we might not be the cheapest but you will find most other firms are more expensive

No obligation -  Contact us and we will obtain all your documents from the prosecutor and give you a no obligation free analysis of your matter

Extended Hours – we are available to take your call 7 days a week 7am-8pm, you will also be given the mobile number of your lawyer so you can easily call outside of business hours

Help – Don’t know what to do? Just contact us and we can talk you through your options


You have the firmns Founders Steven Brough's  guarantee you will not find a better law firm.

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