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Criminal charges we defend

Drug Offences

A drug charge in Queensland is dealt with very seriously in the courts. There are a wide variety of drug offences ranging from simple possession to more serious charges such as producing dangerous drugs and trafficking.

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Assault Charges

An assault charge can result in quite harsh penalties from the courts and the prospect of a criminal conviction preventing a person from travelling overseas or obtaining work.

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Fraud Charges

The term “fraud” covers a broad range of behaviours that fall outside the narrower offence of stealing but are nevertheless designed to deprive someone else of their property, or some interest therein.

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Assault or Obstruct Police

The charge of assault or obstruct police is a very common charge in Queensland and one that people who otherwise have never been in trouble with police are often charged with.

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Stealing is the term used to describe a broad range of offences in Queensland and includes the term “theft” which is widely used in other legal systems. The definition of stealing is broad enough to include many different situations from shoplifting to stealing from an employer.

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Driving Offences

A driving offence and the threat of losing your licence can have a devastating impact on your life. It is critical that whatever the driving charge that you get the best legal representation.

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Centrelink Fraud

Centrelink fraud is one of the most common commonwealth charges that a person can be charged with. Centrelink fraud is a serious charge and is viewed as such by courts and prosecutors

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Bail Applications

Bail is where a person enters a written bond committing to appear before the court to answer criminal charges made against them, promising to pay the sum of money to the court if the accused does not appear.

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Public Order Offences

Public order offences are intended to penalise the use of violence and intimidation by individuals or groups in criminal law. Rioting, affray, drunk and disorderly behaviour, inciting racial or religious hatred or assaulting emergency workers are examples.

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Breach Domestic Violence Order

The charge of breaching a domestic violence order is on the rise in Queensland. Clarity Law can provide information and guidance to someone charged or accused of breaching a domestic violence order in Queensland.

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Wilful Damage Charges

Willful damage is a charge under section 469 of the Queensland criminal code where any person who wilfully and unlawfully destroys or damages any property is guilty of an offence.

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Other Criminal Charges

There are many types of criminal charges for crimes and categories of crime can even overlap with others, for example, driving under the influence of controlled substances can potentially involve prosecution with both drugs charges and traffic offenses.

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